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Safety tips for DIY sat dish installation

With careful preparation and common sense, you may be able to install a satellite dish for TV and radio without too much danger or specialist skill. But it is vital that you take sensible precautions because of the heights involved, the use of ladders, electric drills and the weight of the dish itself.

These are commonsense tips and suggestions and do not constitute any kind of professional advice. You must make your own judgements about any specific situation or call in a professional sat dish installer.

Before you start, please read all these health and safety tips.

Risk assessment

Safe working methods

In the event of an accident

Depending on the nature of the accident, you may need to take these or other steps as appropriate:

Some of the advice above may seem daunting but please remember that most of it is general safety advice that would apply for a range of routine domestic DIY tasks such as painting your outside window frames, not just for satellite dish installation.

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